Sunday, September 30, 2012

Audio issues in Ubuntu

I had some issues with the audio controls in my machine. I was not able to figure out what was going on. However after a restart things were back to normal. I was not able to figure out what was going on. The same thing happened one more time logs did not have much information either or may be I was not looking at the right places. However after witnessing this a couple of times, I noticed this was more a sound card issue

Here are some commands that helped me

Open Terminal and type the following command 'alsamixer'
You will be shown the sound card configuration, follow the help, re-configure  and your sound card will be back in action

Alternatively you can use pavucontrol too
sudo apt-get install pavucontrol

Pavucontrol widget makes it easy for you to setup and identify issues like this. Add it to startup application if needed (especially if you are using old computers)

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