Monday, December 10, 2012


If you plan to set your foot in LINUX world, out of the love for LINUX or due to hate for other OSs these links can come really handy for you. In the initial days you will need some assistance on basic stuff like how do I set up my WiFi, how to play Flash, or how to upgrade, update, how to change UNity to KDE & vice-versa. As time progesses you will be able to find your way out, but may need information on some esoteric issues like how to build application, do some kernel programming etc. All through the time, one thing is for sure. Access to GEEK community or otherwise called LINUX support group

Here are a few of them I constantly go to
Want information on LINUX kernels, their releases, logs and more such

If you have specific questions on LINUX feel free to post it here
If you need information on any of the Ubuntu families, these may be more than handy,3&source=ITWNLE_nlt_today_2012-12-06

Informative LINUX sites
I love reading the following sites
This is a wonderful collection for LINUX geeks
This site is not as updated as some of the other sites are

If you are in the LINUX work and is a games breed, here's one for you. There may be many more too. I am not a games person and I have this for the sake of the BLOG. Many people recommended this site to me when I was composing sites for LINUX

One of the best location for LINUX how to's and documentation

Information on different trpes of dstro's and their download counts etc

Feel free to add more if you think there are some nice sites I missed